"Cookie Installing Permission" header

Instructions for web developers

I don't care about cookies browser extension sends a custom request header with each top window or iframe request, notifying websites about types of cookies they are allowed to install.

It does that so that websites can skip displaying general cookie and GDPR warnings and act according to permission from the header, especially in cases when the cookie warning would occupy the whole screen and prevent scrolling, or when it would disable some website functionalities like login or registering.

Header syntax
Cookie-Installing-Permission: none
Cookie-Installing-Permission: required
Cookie-Installing-Permission: all
  1. none - the visitor doesn't allow installing any cookies, even if that prevents some website from working properly.
  2. required - the visitor allows installing cookies needed for the website to work properly. Others (ie, cookies from ads, marketing, analytics) are not allowed.
  3. all - the visitor allows installing all cookies and understands the potential risk.

Last update: 2019-06-03