Great news

Dear "I don't care about cookies" users,

After exactly 10 years of maintaining this project and dealing with cookie/GDPR pop-ups on my own, I am proud and happy to say that Avast - a famous and trustworthy IT company known for the wide range of products that help secure our digital experience, has recognized its value!

Avast offered to acquire the project so that we can help each other in creating even better products and I decided to accept the offer: "I don't care about cookies" is now officially a member of Avast family 🙂

I will keep working on the project and the extension will remain free to use. Donations are not needed anymore to keep the project going, of course. A big, big ♥ THANK YOU ♥ to all the donors, translators and everyone else who helped keeping the project alive over the years!

Stay tuned for more excited news in the future!

Daniel kladnik


I am Daniel from Croatia. I like foreign languages, travelling, nature, permaculture, gardening, science, walking, music, books, european films, documentaries, comedy, talking to strangers, playing antichess... You name it. Everything except cookie warnings I guess.

If you want to say hello or well done, have a bug to report or a suggestion, feel free to contact me.